Adhesion Prevention

Postoperative healing without the formation of adhesions is subject to complex physiological processes and preconditions. 4DryField® PH gel covers the areas at risk of adhesion formation, provides a barrier that aids peritoneal healing, separates the risk areas, and minimises the development of fibrinous connections between them. This creates the optimal conditions for healing without the formation of adhesions. Furthermore, there are no side effects.


By absorbing liquid, 4DryField® PH causes a relative concentration of the patient’s own coagulation factors resulting in safe and fast haemostasis. Even with a 50% dilution of the blood, the coagulum induced by 4DryField® PH shows excellent stability.



Oral presentations on adhesion prevention using 4DryField® at the EEC in Prague

We are looking forward to exciting lectures at the 5th European Congress on Endometriosis from 05 - 07 December 2019 in Prague. On 06.12.19, Mrs. Ziegler will give a short lecture on adhesion reductio

New publication – 4DryField® offers unique features

A new publication from the St. Josefskrankenhaus, the teaching hospital of the University of Freiburg, confirms the uniqueness of 4DryField® PH as both a hemostatic and anti-adhesive agent. Details of

4DryField® in live surgeries at the ‘Forum operative Gynäkologie’

See for yourself how 4DryField® will be used in various live surgeries at the 'Forum operative Gynäkologie' and visit us from September 19 -21, 2019 at our booth no. 34.

PlantTec Medical at the ‘Forum operative Gynäkologie’ in Berlin

PlantTec Medical GmbH will attend the 'Forum operative Gynäkologie' in Berlin from the 19th to 21th September 2019. Visit us at booth no. 34 to learn more about 4DryField® PH. The congress program can

4DryField® PH


The 4DF Technology

How does 4DryField® PH work? 4DryField® PH is simply sprayed onto the wound area intraoperatively. This is also easy to do endoscopically, thanks to the excellent free-flowing properties of the 4Dr
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4DryField® PH

4DryField® PH   Adhesion prevention and haemostasis with 4DryField® PH 4DryField® PH is a single medical device that provides adhesion prevention and haemostasis in one application. Find out m...
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4DFLapTM is a disposable applicator for the endoscopic and laparoscopic application of 4DryField® PH. 4DFLapTM is both a rigid and a flexible and bendable single use applicator for manual admin...
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4DryField® PH can be used in many different cases. As an illustration, you will find videos on this page showing the efficiency of 4DryField® PH under real conditions: 4DryField® PH in Ad...
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