Which patients particularly benefit from 4DryField® PH?

4DryField® PH can basically be used in all surgical interventions – open surgery as well as laparoscopic surgery. 4DryField® PH has proved itself for adhesion prevention, especially for operations in abdominal or pelvic regions since patients particularly benefit from effective adhesion prevention in these areas.

Areas of application for 4DryField® PH:

General surgery


Cardiac and vascular surgery

ENT surgery



Plastic surgery



Burn surgery

4DryField® PH is supplied as a powder in 1 g, 3 g, 5 g and 9 g bellows applicators and is ready for use immediately. The 1 g applicators are suitable for use in the dental field or for ENT surgery, for example. The 3 g, 5 g and 9 g applicators are suitable for other surgical applications.

2 in 1: efficient adhesion prevention and hemostasis covered by one product