Results from a controlled clinical study about adhesion prevention in pediatric heart surgery have recently been published in PLOS ONE. You can use the link: (open access)


This study includes 22 neonate patients, which had to undergo multistep procedures for correction of congenital heart disease.

In the intervention group, 4DryField was applied for adhesion prevention in all surgeries while the control group did not receive an adhesion barrier.

Results show:

– that the use of 4DryField leads to a significant reduction in adhesion formation

– that this results in a significant reduction in preparation time in the pre-bypass period during reinterventions (this part of the surgery includes adhesiolysis, if necessary)

– that 4DryField is safe for neonates and complications do not occur, even if applied large amounts (up to 2g / kg of bodyweight were used) in vulnerable patients (neonates with congenital heart defects).