4DFLapTM is a disposable applicator for the endoscopic and laparoscopic application of 4DryField® PH.

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4DFLapTM is both a rigid and a flexible and bendable single use applicator for manual administration of 4DryField® PH by physicians or medical-technical specialists in cases in which bleeding from arterioles, capillaries, or veins during surgical interventions or in the case of injuries cannot or cannot effectively be controlled by conventional measures.

4DFLapTM is also used for manual administration of 4DryField® PH by physicians or medical-technical specialists when the formation of post-operative adhesions is to be prevented following surgical interventions in cavities with a mesothelial (or mesothelial-like) lining.

4DFLapTM consists of three components:

1) a handpiece with connective opening for the bellows dispenser of 4DryField® PH

2) a flexible inner tube of 38 cm or 14 cm length

3) a rigid external pipe of 33 cm or 9 cm length

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The ergonomically shaped handpiece with its well-rounded and unique opened scissors-based design permits three different grip positions. The relief-printed logo of PlantTec Medical GmbH moreover ensures firm hold. The attachment point for the bellows dispenser of 4DryField® PH can be kept closed easily with a finger to prevent pressure drop in the abdomen when, e.g., changing the bellows dispenser.

The flexible inner tube is dimensionally stable but can be bent like desired. Due to its memory effect, bending before insertion through the trocar is possible. Its inner diameter is well suited for 4DryField® PH powder pouring and spraying. It can be used together with the rigid external pipe for exact guidance or without for maximum flexibility.

The rigid external pipe allows very precise positioning of the flexible inner tube. Furthermore, it is well suited for application of sterile isotonic saline solution to transform 4DryField® PH powder into gel for adhesion prevention.

4DFLapTM can be used in all fields of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, where direct application of 4DryField® PH with the bellows dispenser is hardly possible. It fits into 5 mm Trocars.

Further information on the product and its use can be found in the current 4DFLapTM instructions for use.


4DFLapTM should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and direct light irradiation. After the package of 4DFLapTM has been opened, there is a risk of contamination. It is recommended to use 4DFLapTM up after opening the package and to dispose used parts. Storage of 4DryField® PH can be found in the instructions for use of 4DryField® PH.

Product variants:

4DFLapTM is available in packages containing 18 pieces:

LA0038-EU: 18 x 1 applicator

LA0014-EU: 18 x 1 applicator

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